Laurel Delamater and Katherine Chappell came together to promote a growing need within the jewellery industry for traceable diamonds.  Our business ethics are to ensure that our gemstones are mined, processed and marketed to the highest possible standards.


Katherine Chappell

Has worked in the gemstone business for 20 years.  She emigrated to Canada as a child in 1965, settling in the diamond town of Red Lake, northwest  Ontario, later in Guyana and then in South Africa, returning to the UK in 1974.  Through the family business she has successfully marketed the Nyala Rubyᵀᴹ from the Chimwadzulu mine in Malawi.   She buys stones from source and has a working partnership with Columbia Gem House of the USA, a leading proponent of ethical sourcing and distribution


Laurel Delamater

A graduate of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), Laurel Delamater has over twenty years' experience in the diamond industry, and fourteen years as the director of Laurel Delamater Diamonds Limited, based in the Diamond Bourse based in London's Hatton Garden district.

Laurel is involved in every aspect of the diamond industry, working closely with importers, exporters, craftsmen and dealers, in order to sell to a wide and diverse client base, ranging from HNW individuals to well-known, established retailers specialising in fine jewellery.






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